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From Jerry, December 19:  "Jesus Feels the Love."     

        Linus recites The Christmas Story. 

From Jerry, December 12:   "Joy With Us."       YouTube video of the Laughing Baby.

From Jerry, December 5:  "Peace Like a River."                Audio & Pictures from the Organ Dedication
            Vocal recording of  "It Is Well With My Soul."

            The Story behind the words to this hymn.  

From Jerry, November 28:    "Hope Lives Here."  
Mildred and Willard Gundrum on their  70th Anniversary        Tree decorating 2010

From Jerry, November 14:  "You and Your World."  

From Jerry, November 7:   "The Next Day." 

From Jerry, October 31:  "Laying On of Hands." 

From Jerry, October 24:   "The Print of the Nails." 

From Jerry, October 17:   "Who are we?    

From Jerry, October 10:  "No Limits."
                    Pictures from the Friday, Oct. 8th, Post Antelope football game -- Our young fans.

From Jerry, September 26:  "Making Room."

From Jerry, September 19:   "The Value of You."   Margie & Lynette's piano/organ duet:  "The Old Old Story."
                                                                                              Pictures of Reagan and Clay Ashley at the TTU-UT game.

From Jerry, September 5:   "Connections & Commitments."   

From Jerry, August 29:    "The Illusion of Control."  

From Elizabeth, August 22:  "Straight Backs."

From Elizabeth, August 15:  "Life in Families."

From Jerry, August 8:   "Anchors."      Margie and Lynette's piano/organ duet:   "Faith of our Fathers."

From Jerry, August 1:  "When It's Right - Right Now." 

July 30:  Remembering  Glenda Morrow

From Jerry, July 25:   "WYSiWYG."

From Jerry:  July 18:  "What's the Use?"    Pictures and information about our new Sanctuary Organ

From Jerry, July 11:   "Sudden death."         Several ways to "Seize the Day."      "Rainbow Bridge."

From Jerry, July 4:    "Counting the Cost; Honoring the Value."        U.S. Combat and Casualty Statistics.
        Margie & Lynette's piano & organ duet: "Patriotic Trilogy." 

From Jerry, June 27:  "What the Lord Requires."   

From Elizabeth, June 20:  "Putting First Things First."

From Jerry, June 13,   "From 'Why?' to "What Now?'"  

From Jerry, June 6:   "An Honor to be Asked."   
         Pictures of the work of Michelangelo mentioned in the sermon.   (Parental discretion advised).

From Elizabeth, May 23:  "Pentecost:  The Gift of God's Spirit."

From Jerry, May 16:   "He Guides Our Hands."    

From Jerry, May 9:   "Mothers of children; children of mothers."  

From Jerry, May 2:   "Walk.  Don't Run."      Picture of our very own "Lily in the Field."

From Jerry, April 25:   "It Can't Be Just An Accident."      Picture of the protein Laminin
                                (When the pendulum of faith shifts toward Agnostic)     Youtube video on the imagery  

From Elizabeth, April 18:  "Are You Saved?"

From Jerry, April 11:   "Embracing the Mysteries."     Meet Jaxson Justin Raymundo

From Jerry, Easter, April 4:  "Happy Anniversary."   Margie & Lynette's piano & organ duet:  "The Holy City."

From Jerry, March 28:   "Revenge, Retreat, Renew." 

From Jerry,  March 21:  "Signs of Renewal."

From Elizabeth, March 14:  "A Call to Life."

Pictures remembering Minnie Williams         Audio of Minnie's Memorial Service  March 13.

From Jerry, March 7:   "A Well-Developed Plan."  

From Elizabeth, Feb. 28:  "Remember You are Dust."

From Jerry, Feb. 21:  "Re-Lent."

From Jerry, Feb. 14:     "Commanded to Love."        Maslow's  Hierarchy of Needs

From Jerry, Feb. 7:   "He's Really Here."

From Jerry, Jan. 31:  "Hitchhiking and Hope."      Joe Ely singing  "I Had My Hopes Up High."

From Jerry, Jan. 24:  "What's in a Name?"      Audio from the baptism of Luke Joseph Balka     Pictures from the baptism

From Jerry, Jan. 17:   "The Butterfly Effect."        Links to :   The Research Article      CNN Interview Video

From Jerry, Jan. 10:  "Light Prevails in the End." 

From Elizabeth, Jan. 3:   "Following the Light and Listening to Our Dreams."