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From Jerry, December 30:  "Reflecting Forward."  

From Jerry, December 23 Candlelight Service:  "Heavenly Peace on Earth."

From Jerry, December 23:  "All You Need Is Love."  Part 1  Part 2     (Recorder glitch).

From Jerry, December 9:   "Give Peace a Chance."    Baptism Audio and pictures for Lucile Townes Dennis     

From Jerry, December 2:   "Keep Hope Alive."

From Jerry, November 25:  "Humble Pie."

From Jerry, November 18:  "Glorify God In Your Body."  

From Jerry, November 4:  "After the Superstorm."  

From Jerry, October 28:  "The Hypocrisy Factor."    Click for Data illustrating the Hypocrisy Factor.

From Jerry,  October 21:  "This Is The Day."   

From Jerry, October 14:   "Back To Basics."    

About the Honor Flight, Oct. 2-4:  

From Jerry, Sept. 23:  "What Unites Us."   

From Jerry, Sept. 16:  "Trust and Obey."  

From Jerry, Sept. 9: "Ordinary Time."    Text of:  "People Before Paperwork." 

From Jerry, Sept. 2:  "Am I Still ... ?"      Text of  "The Giving Tree."

From Jerry, Aug. 26:  "Heaven Like A Child."    Ava, Lily, & Da Vinci: A Perfect Painting?

From Jerry, Aug. 5:  "Seeds of a Legacy."   

From Jerry, July 29:  "Re-fuel."  

From Jerry, July 22:  "This Day."  

From Jerry, July 15:  "Worth the Wait."  

Remembering Mildred Gundrum    

From Jerry, July 8:  "Freedom's Just Another Word ... "    

From Jerry, June 24:  "People First."  

June 22:  Kaycee (Gorman) and Josh Tabor's Wedding Day   

From Jerry, June 10:  "One More Time." 

June 10:  Welcome Lea Jane Toivola.  Daughter of Kasey (Hardin) and Sami Toivola  

From Jerry, June 3:  "Guilt or Gratitude?"   

From Jerry, May 20:  "Transitions." 

From Jerry, May 13:  "Your Inner Mom."   

From Jerry, May 6:  "Feeding Caterpillars."  

May 5:  Welcome  Twin Babies  Pam Humble's granddaughters, Chandler and Kendall.

From Jerry, April 29:  "When You're Angry, Try Prayer." 

April 24:  Welcome Lucile Townes Dennis  

From Jerry, April 22, "Three Guys in Chicago."   (A Parable.)    Chicago Lights  A ministry of 4th Presbyterian, Chicago

From Jerry, Easter, April 8:  "Hold On."     Links to  Easter Music 

From Jerry, April 1:  "Inspired."    # 5 (last one) in a series on Biblical Scholarship.

From Jerry, March 25:   "Synthesis."    # 4 in a series on Biblical Scholarship.  Info on the Johannine Comma. 

From Jerry, March 18:  "Pseudepigraphy."   (A Home for the Word).  # 3 in a series of five on Biblical scholarship.

Jerry's presentation to the Texas Conference of Churches, "Unity and Diversity,"  March 17, 2012.

From Jerry, March 4:  "What Happens Next?"    # 2 in a series of five on Biblical scholarship.

From Jerry, February 26:  "An Extra Day of Lent."   # 1 in a series of five on Biblical scholarship.

From Jerry, February 19:  "Judgements & Preferences."   

From Jerry, February 12:  "In His Name."

From Jerry, January 29: "Some Good May Come From This."   

From Jerry, January 22: "Run Along."  
                                 Also:  "Game Called."      "10 Commandments of Heckling,"

From Jerry, January 15:  "Where's Jesus?"  

From Jerry, January 1:  "Roller Skates."   (The gift that's most like Jesus.)