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December 20 - Candlelight Message:  "Star Lights."  

December 20:  "The Real Presence of God in Love."    

December 15:   Welcome Bennett Whitmire Jenkins     

December 6:  "Hope Lives."  

November 22:  "Three Helpful Things."  

November 18:   Remembering Marie Neff    

November 15:  "When It Stops Working."  

November 1:  "The Blessing Business."    

October 22:   Welcome Knox James Engle 

October 18:  "Relative Deprivation."  

October 17:  Welcome Reagan Layne Marsh

October 11:  "What We Do With What We Know."     Some interesting  Numbers and Pictures   

October 4:  "When You Hold A Broken Heart." 

September 27:  "Our Common Home."  

September 15:  Remembering Frances Martin  

September 13:  "Small Candles."    

September 6:  "A Love Story."  The parable of the Sower

August 30:  "Heaven and Hell in Perpsective."

August 29:  Welcome George Francesco White 

August 29:  Remembering Jay Pollard 

August 16:  "When God Shows Up."   

August 9:  "Got A Minute?"    

July 19:   "This Is Who We Are." 

July 12:  "Continue In His Word." 

July 5:  "We Are Survivors." 

June 28:  "There He Is."     The Sea Turtle Video:  For iPhone/iPad/Apple    For Windows Media

June 14:  "Just Say Yes."   

Congratulations to Wilson and Michelle Cash    

Remembering  Velma Brown 

May 31:  "Triangulation."   

May 17:  "From Today Until Tomorrow."    

May 10:  "Root, Vine, Branches, Flowers." 

May 3:  "The Value of Our Values."    Pictures from the graduation lunch for  Blake Boren 

April 19:  "The Good Shepherd."    Pictures from the dedication of Post's Silent Night Village

April 12:  "Can't Say I Don't."  

April 5:  "Three Days Time."  

March 29:  "We Know This Guy."   

March 15:  "Lifting Up The Law." 

March 8:  "She Belongs."    The Baptism of Annabella Faith Graves.

February 19:  Remembering Edna Mae Owen    

February 8:  "That'll Leave A Mark."

February 1:  "Faith and Works."   

January 25:  "Run to Win." 

January 11:   "Counter-Intuition."