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Candlelight Worship:  "Little Lights."   

December 18:  "Bear Witness to Love."   

December 4:  "Breath of Peace."   

November 27:  "Hope Lives."   

November 13:  "Let Love Abide."    

November 6:   "Small Things Matter."  

October 23:  "Whose Image?"   

October 16: "You're Fine."     The Sacrament of Holy Baptism:  Reagan Klayre Ashley   

October 9: "Friend First."    

September 25:  "Entitlement."  

September 18:  "One Road More."      The Flatlander's Song:  "One Road More."   

September 4:  "Helpful."

August 28:  "Clear Your Inbox."    

August 21:  "Stick the Landing."    

August 14:  "Our Intended Purpose."      Sea Turtle Video:  Apple/iPhone    Windows Media    

July 24:  "Sometimes I'm Pretty Sure."  

July 23:   Remembering Janie Davis     

July 17:  "Something Special."   

July 10:  "Listen."  

June 26:  "Self-Evident."  

June 19:  "Who's Got the Power? (Our Father's Business).   
                   Welcome Taylor Alicia Graves by the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. 

June 5:  "Body of Christ."  

May 29:  "Living Memorial Day."   

May 22:  "Fired Up."     Learn more about the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation  

May 15:  "Deceptively Simple Gifts."     Listen also to:  Clair de Lune  

May 8:  "Mother Love."   

April 24:  "The Shepherd."  

April 17:  "Question Assumptions." 

April 3:  "4 Each Other."  
     Stephen Stills' "Helplessly Hoping"  covered by Lubbock's Mike Pritchard and Marl Wallney

March 27:  "Insert Your Name Here."   

March 13:  From the Cross: "In Step With the Forsaken."  

March 6:  From the Cross: "We Thirst."     Baptized Today:  Banner Winslow Prather  

February 28: From the Cross: "We Know Not."     Terry Allen's Song:  Gimme a Ride to Heaven Boy 

February 14:  From the Cross: "Behold the Love."   

February 7:  "Everyday."    Listen to  Everyday  by Buddy Holly

January 31:  "Re-Birthday."    Listen to "The Garden Song"   by Peter, Paul, and Mary 

January 22:   Meet Sade Elizabeth Toivola 

January 17:  "The Other Side."   

January 10:  "A Little Light."  

January 9:  Remembering Am Mauer   

January 3:  "3 Seconds."